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Amazon: It's Not CBD

If you think you're buying CBD on Amazon.....you're probably wrong. These 'miracle' oils and topical's are usually nothing more than hemp seed oil which contains zero CBD marketed with terms associated with real CBD.

One way to determine if a product is actually CBD is by reading the amount of stated milligrams. Many do not say milligrams of what, which means it could be anything in the bottle and the stated number often defies reality.

  • It's a bit of math, but please follow along
  • Grams and milligrams are measurements of weight
  • Liters and milliliters are measurements of liquid
  • They are essentially exactly the same amount with regard to weight
  • 1 gram of CBD equals 1000 milligrams (I'm using round numbers for simplicity)
  • A standard CBD bottle holds 30 milliliters or 30 grams (equal to 30,000 milligrams)
  • If a bottle this size claims to have 30,000 milligrams of CBD, there would be no room for any liquid in the bottle. It would be all powder.
  • This same idea applies to jars. If a 30 milliliter jar (~1 ounce) claims to have 30,000 milligrams or more of anything, it's just not possible.

And lastly, think about what you're getting for $15? Compare these ridiculously low prices to any legit CBD company and note the difference. It should be a glaring red flag.