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How Much CBD Should I Take?

What CBD Dosage Do You Need to Get Relief? With the cannabidiol industry booming like it is, it’d be a miracle if you hadn’t at least heard about the potential benefits of CBD. As more and more people buy CBD online and in stores, consumers are incredibly intrigued by reports of using CBD for many ailments. And why not? The side effects of CBD are reportedly mild and rare, and many health-forward institutions and organizations (like the World Health Organization) are backing CBD’s solid safety profile, even despite the industry being mostly unregulated for now. 

But as more and more consumers drift away from prescription medications for natural alternatives, it’s obvious that the lack of regulation and research affects consumers in many ways. The most direct effect is the lack of information on CBD dosing. 

Many brands, researchers, and physicians are hesitant to recommend specific doses for all adults, especially since the uses and health benefits vary greatly, as does everyone’s reaction to cannabinoid-based medicines. Luckily, there are a few tricks to help you personalize your CBD dosage to best fit your needs, whether you’re hoping to manage anxiety, pain, inflammation, chronic symptoms, or another ailment that may respond to CBD.

So What’s the Best CBD Dosage?

Trick question. There is no single best CBD dosage that works for everyone. Instead, CBD dosing is a unique experience for every person. In fact, doses could range anywhere from 1mg to 100mg or more, simply depending on unique factors like weight, age, tolerance to cannabinoid-based supplements, type of health condition, and severity of symptoms. 

When looking at averages and recommendations for CBD dosing across the board, you’ll find that an average dose ranges from 1-5mg per 10 pounds of body weight. Many people use regular doses of 20 or 30 milligrams. Additionally, people often report needing a lower CBD dosage when it is taken regularly, since it may act as a preventative in many cases. 

One customer reported taking doses as low as a few milligrams daily to aid her recovery from extensive hip surgery, eliminating the need for pain medications. A higher CBD dosage may be necessary for treating sudden flares or severe symptoms, and reports have shown patients with chronic illness may require much higher (or more frequent doses) to maintain relief. One user found that only doses over 100mg seemed to bring complete relief.

While it would be impossible to accurately recommend a specific starting dose, we have developed a routine that helps our customers develop their own unique CBD dosing routine. This method involves slowly increasing your CBD dosage and monitoring the effects. Because CBD has shown no toxicity even at high doses, this method is safe for most people. You can’t take too much, and potential side effects are mild, such as drowsiness, headache or diarrhea. 

Steps to Finding the Best CBD Dosage for You

If you’re looking to find the best CBD dosage for anxiety, pain, inflammation, or other ailment, try using the following tips to create a personalized CBD dosage routine:

  • Choose the best CBD dosing style to start. The type of CBD product you choose has very little to do with the amount of CBD you need, but greatly affects the dosing experience. For instance, CBD capsules offer pre-measured doses that are often perfect for those who know exactly what CBD dosage they need. Tinctures, alternatively, can be accurately measured to offer a different CBD dosage each time, which makes them convenient for new users who are still experimenting with the best CBD dosage for them. 

  • Start with low doses and experiment. As we stated, many people end up needing doses between 1-5 milligrams for every ten pounds of bodyweight. On the low end of the spectrum, that’s 18-milligrams for a 180-pound person. However, many people prefer to dip their toes in the CBD waters and start with even lower doses. If you feel more comfortable, especially if your symptoms are only mild, you could start with even lower doses, between 1-5 milligrams. 

  • Increase doses slowly. After you establish a starting dose, you’ll need to increase your dose slowly until you reach the desired level of effects. A good rule of thumb is to increase your dose every 2-3 days, paying close attention to the effects. If you feel no relief at your starting dose, you could increase the dose by 5 milligrams at a time. As you start to feel some relief, you’ll know you’re getting closer to the best dosage amount for you, and you may want to adjust your dose in smaller increments of 1-2 milligrams.

  • Track everything in a journal.

As you take the CBD dosage journey to finding your best dose, be sure to record the time and amount of each dose, when you began to feel the effects, how long they lasted, and the level of relief you experienced. It may be necessary for some people to separate the effects for “regular” symptoms and during painful flares. This journal will provide great reference in the future as you increase your dose, and is a very handy tool to use when talking to your doctor about CBD. 

  • Reduce your dose if you notice side effects. 

CBD safety profile is pretty solid, but some people have reported mild effects at higher doses. There’s never been a reported overdose on CBD, and researchers have not identified any toxic side effects, even at incredibly high doses. If you do notice any side effects after increasing your CBD dosage, you may need to decrease your dose. These rare side effects could include changes to weight or appetite, diarrhea, headache, nausea, tiredness, or other mild reactions. 

Getting Started with Your CBD Dosage Routine

There is no one-size-fits all dosing chart for cannabidiol products, and the best CBD dosage for you will vary based on your unique biology and the severity of your condition. Whether you are hoping to use CBD for anxiety, pain, inflammation, or otherwise, you should start by talking to your doctor. While CBD may be safe for most people, it’s always best to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your wellness routine. He or she may be able to help you work out a great starting dose and monitor your CBD dosage experiment closely to help you choose the best dose for you. 

Once you’ve talked to your doctor, you can buy CBD online to get started. Many people are able to find an effective CBD dosage within a week or two of starting CBD. If you suffer from one or more of the conditions that may benefit from CBD, don’t hesitate! You can buy CBD online to take the first step towards all natural relief today!