CBD For Kids

Is CBD Safe For Kids?

Josef Hunter

This is a question that pops up fairly often and is one with plenty of room for debate. Given that our kids are sacred, it’s understandable perspectives and opinions may clash. Case in point, Facebook is full of revelations you never wanted to know about family & ‘friends’.

Regarding CBD oil and kids, there are a lot of positive results out there and the (somewhat limited) research looks promising. But they are still developing in every way, and as responsible humans, we need to respect their lack of understanding and choice about what is being put into their little bodies. They really are at the forefront of CBD and we won’t know the full effects until they grow up.

Personally, I don’t give my kids CBD. There’s no need to consider it. But if circumstances were to change and it was something that could help, I would certainly weigh my options carefully. Do your research, talk to your doctors, make an informed decision.

So without diving any deeper into the rabbit hole, I found this informative and balanced article about the subject.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Kids?